The active ingredient in Pegasus and Pegasus DF Brand Chlorothalonil from Phoenix Environmental Care has been the foundation for Integrated Pest Management and Fungicide Resistance Programs for several years. Pegasus and Pegasus DF are high quality formulations of chlorothalonil labeled for a wide variety of ornamental diseases.

Pegasus L is an excellent disease control agent when used according to label directions for control of a broad spectrum of plant diseases. Pegasus L is recommended for use in programs that are compatible with the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), including the use of disease resistant crop varieties, cultural practices, pest scouting and disease forecasting systems which reduce unnecessary applications of pesticides.

Pegasus L is effective for strategic use in programs that attempt to minimize disease resistance to fungicides. Some other fungicides which are at risk from disease resistance exhibit a single-site mode of fungicidal action. Pegasus L, with a multi-site mode of action, may be used to delay or prevent the development of resistance to single-site fungicides. Consult with your federal or state Cooperative Extension Service representatives for guidance on the proper use of Pegasus L in programs which seek to minimize the occurrence of disease resistance to other fungicides.

Pegasus/Pegasus DF Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat®/PDF)

Pegasus L Label (Adobe Acrobat®/PDF)
Pegasus L MSDS (Adobe Acrobat

Comparative Product= Daconil WS (Trademark of Syngenta Inc.)

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