Knighthawk contains 65% Prodiamine and is a pre-emergent herbicide that controls a broad spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weeds. Knighthawk provides season long control at low economical rates. In addition, Knighthawk is non-staining and provides application flexibility due to its extended length of control. Some key grasses and weeds controlled by Knighthawk include Poa annua, goosegrass, crabgrass, and broadleaf signalgrass. Knighthawk can be used landscape ornamentals in nurseries or in established plantings.and in nursery/ornamental plantings.

KnightHawk Product Bulletin (Adobe Acrobat®/PDF)
KnightHawk Label (Adobe Acrobat®/PDF)
KnightHawk MSDS (Adobe Acrobat®/PDF)

Comparative Product= Barricade (Trademark of Syngenta Inc.).

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