Bifenthrin is for Commercial Non-Food Use on Indoor and Outdoor Ornamentals, Greenhouses, and Nurseries. The Firebird Pro formulation readily mixes with water and other aqueous carriers and controls a wide range of insects and mites on ornamentals, trees, shrubs, foliage plants and flowers in greenhouses and outdoor nurseries.

Firebird Pro is highly useful against Imported Fire Ants (IFA) in potting Media including balled and containerized nursery grown ornamental trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, conifers, bushes, Christmas trees and non-bearing fruit and nut-trees.

Firebird Pro can be used in accordance with the USDA Imported Fire Ant Quarantine Program. Firebird Pro can be applied either soil incorporated, as a topical application or as a high volume drench application.

Firebird Pro Bulletin (Document Not Currently Available)
Firebird Pro Label (Adobe Acrobat®/PDF)
Firebird Pro MSDS (Adobe Acrobat®/PDF)

Comparative Product= Talstar (Trademark of FMC Corp.)

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